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Wyoming Treasurer's Office
Mark Gordon - State Treasurer
200 West 24th Street   Cheyenne, WY 82002   307-777-7408



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Mark Gordon - State Treasurer  
Wyoming State Treasurer's Office
   State Treasurer:
   Mark Gordon
   200 West 24th Street
   Cheyenne, WY 82002

What the Treasurer Does

  • Receives and invests all funds of the State, except for the State Retirement funds, and including the Local Government Investment Pool (WYO-STAR)
  • Administers the Unclaimed Property Program
  • Serves on boards and commissions as follows:
  • State Loan and Investment Board
  • Board of Land Commissioners
  • State Building Commission
  • Wyoming Community Development Authority
  • Board of Deposits
  • State Canvassing Board
  • Wyoming Retirement System Board of Directors

Mission Statement
We will serve the people of Wyoming by receiving, safeguarding, and investing all funds in the possession of the State for purposes of safekeeping or investment in a prudent manner while complying with directives of Wyoming's Constitution and statutes.
Agency Philosophy
We will carry out all functions required of this office with the highest degree of ethical, personal, and professional behavior.

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What's New?

Unclaimed Property Annual Reports are due November 1.

   Unclaimed Property - Gift Cards, Gift Certificates and Credit Memos

Press Release November 13, 2015

Press Release October 6, 2015

Press Release March 25, 2015

S&P Credit Rating Dec. 2014

Investment Report Oct. 2014

Annual Report

Several updates
to Investments
page, including:

Proposed Industrial
Dev. Bond Program

Overview of
Strategies January '15

Portfolio Status
   -through August '15

News Release
   August 1, 2014

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